Category: August 2017


Podcast #94 | A Special Tribute To Rock Band Kiss, Albums One Two and Three

Special Tribute To Rock Band Kiss! Big Daddy is taking rock fans of Kiss back in time to his younger years, (and theirs too!) the 1970’s! Kiss Albums 1, 2 and 3! Big Daddy...


Podcast #93 | Talking NFL Pre Season Football 2017 with Max Jamelli

Max is Talking Pre Season Football with Big Daddy! Cousin Max joins the podcast for the first time – NO WORRIES!  He has show biz and football experience! 2017 NFL Preseason Predictions Podcast Big...


Podcast #92 | Hump Day Music with Big Daddy

Hump Day Music With Big Daddy!  Hey!  It’s another Wednesday ROCKERS! Music from all over the Calendar. (50’s on up!) Pop and Rock mostly. Today’s show – Dance Music plus an added Rock n...