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Ways to Support the Big Daddy Road Show

For the many people who ask, and want to support the shows.  (Support is always needed)

Oh, Ladies! LOOK! Here’s one way.. to help. Right now! (The Girls on the Fan Page were just asking for this link!) Go Figure! LOL.

Enjoy your shopping Ladies and Love you Rock Stars!


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If You are Buying a Product or Service Using One of Our Affiliates – You Help the Show!

There are many ways to lend your support financially to the production of the BDRS, umm.. shows. From Paypal direct donations (See Banner Ad Below) to using any of our affiliates links shown on this page and website.

If you are buying, by using, various banners anywhere on this website. The show makes a few bucks commission.  Costs you nothing more and most times – coupons or special promotions offered up by companies will even save you a few bucks.

Every dollar helps pay the bills, keeps the soundboard and mics humming and keeps the show growing and using better technology.  (Soon – we hope to pay for Facebook ads and Hire pro writers, comedians, etc)   With support, we will do just that!

Sponsors and Show Affiliates of BDRS – Will be Listed Below as We set them up.

SCROLL down to the various products and sponsors below, if ya want to get right on donating and save precious time… Big Daddy hates having his time wasted and totally hates wasting his guests, ahh, time!

Paypal Donators, and Direct Show Sponsors. Thanks!  A Ton!

Huge Thanks to all the BDRS Rockers like Wayne, and Jane and Paula and the others, like “CF, who… wish to not be named.” (Grrrrr)

Paypal donations of a $1, $5 and $20.. on up add up?? HUGS! AND again, THANKS!)

Every $2 donation buys BD a Coffee! (thanks for the JAVA people!)

Any Amount Helps!

Any amount is awesome and please know that BD is beyond grateful!  A ton of hours (WORK & Money) “off camera, and off, the podcasts… go into producing all these, silly and serious shows…” Oh yes, like 8 to 12 hours some days.

Just wait till we scale up and have a real staff one day….   BOOM!  Many are doing major work for free for over a year!  (They too do not want mentions!  Grrrrr)   *Some of you might be able to guess who these true BDRS angels are – if you think about it.  (And follow the fan pages)

Forgettabouuuut it!

Don’t have extra cash to help, no worries – BD knows great and not so great financial times!  (Been there and back baby!)  

Other Ways to Help!  (No Money Required!) Keep Spreading the Word!

Keep Telling People about our ever growing little interactive show on the internet. Share this site and any of the other BD social media accounts.

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter too..

Give BD a shout out on Twitter or Instagram!  He replies!  He Follows Back too!

Again, there are other ways to help BD without $$$ or donations. A few are, simply sharing this website and the super active Facebook fan page(s), and – Oh this is HUGE, by making positive, “well thought out comments or questions” on any of the posts here on this site and, or in the chat during one of BD’s FaceBookLive shows!

If you’re into super un-censored adult talk on sex, promote the all-new SexFessions page. Just being made. (10/31)


Starting November 8, 2017.  SexFessions! Our New Off the Wall Live Feed Talk Show on Sex.  (This one’s gonna be cray cray, be ready for anything people!!!)

Sharing the SHOWS is HELP Enough

It’s not always about money.  Anyone can help, and again, know that BD is totally grateful.

Hugs!  (Please, only do what you can, comfortably, K? That’s a BIG DADDY order!) Cool.

Below are the links.

Donate to the BDRS today!