Big Daddy Road Show “Hot Sellers” Temporary Zazzle T’s and More Store Links!


 *Products not showing up in new BDRS store front.  (We are not alone!)

Our New Store Front on Zazzle (Which has Awesome Quality t-shirts FYI) issss sadly, having some issues with setting up our awesome new store called  the”Big Daddy Road Show T’s and More!” zazzle store!

Big Daddy’s New Store is having tech issues! LOL – Figures!

Great news, and not so great news.


It’s not just our web store having issues – Many peoples stores, and accounts from all around the globe… are reporting issues..  and all happening,   *Since Feb 10, 2017.  Ha!  That’s fn Funny!  (If you follow the fan page on faceboob! and know the t-shirt story since beginning!)

These issues have apparently, only been happening since about 2/3 days before Omies daughter turned us on to this new rocking web store site.. (ya ghatta laugh)  Ya really… just ghatta laugh!  We opened our store on our about – 2/13/2017 (How Ironic?)  *We’ve only been trying to gain fans a way to purchase t-shirts since – ahhh, what – September of 2016?  lol..

To date, We paid over $500 for t-shirts – over last  6 months – received “0” t’s…  and then this happens!  HA HA HA!

(well – Zero t’s except for the awesome t-shirts we got in from Zazzle as samples – TODAY!)

Murphy’s Law for BDRS t’s I guess!  Ha ha ha!

Anyways – apparently – Maybe some good news.. some, almost all individual BDRS product LINKS work!  YAY!!!!

We have ordered from these links for the samples… (Samples – shown below rock stars) – and they worked just fine!  *The received SAMPLES  are great quality! (So buy with confidence!!!)  Edogs t’s was a HANES and he couldn’t stop touching it!  He loves it!  Feels awesome!  He’s in LOVE!

Sooooo… These links – go to the HOT PRODUCTS people wanted and or bought already!

Again, people say these links WORK!!! (we ordered from them for the samples!)  Boom! – so..   If you are one of the many fans looking to purchase a t-shirt or something else to help out the show. (In a small way)  Hallelujah!   Go for it!

Until the Big Daddy Road Show Store Front Issues are Resolved.. This is Our Only Hope!

This will hopefully WORK for those not wanting to wait for stores (digital – programming) repairs.

Please let us know if any problems exist.  (to keep us in the know) and if you order anything!  Thanks!  Be sure to post a pic of your new digs on the fan page!

In many cases simple items like t-shirts – ship out within a few days – others, like tie-dies – take a lil longer.

HOPE IT WORKS! (to those asking and asking!!!!  Thanks! for supporting the podcast – you guys and gals ROCK!)


















first logo podcast

First Big Daddy Road Show Logo ever! (By artist Omar Valdez) #pow!



coffee cub big daddy road show podcast

Black n White Omar Valdez Artwork for the Big Daddy Road Show Podcast


  • Two pieces of OMIES art for ONE Bumper Sticker! Bumper Sticker
big daddy road show bumper stickers on zazzle

Omies “2 for one ARTS on one sticker” Big Daddy Road Show Bumper Stickers!!




Art for podcast big daddy road show

Omie art! Big Daddy Road Show Podcast Art


classic big daddy rod show podcast Omar Valdez art

the original baby! Omar Art for the big daddy road show podcast – already a classic!




Omie coffee mug

first logo “the Omie Coffee Mug!” XOXO Omie..