Easiest Ways to Live Stream or Download the Big Daddy Road Show, Adult Comedy Podcasts

Best ways to listen to the most current | Most listened to BDRS podcasts.

Here on this site of course if you’re at home on a laptop – (Just click on shows title and/or find the shows MP3 arrow – hit play)


Links that are BEST to use for road.. (Using with BLUETOOTH in car)  *Iheartradio, FMplayer, and Stitcher! (By a mile)

Itunes Link to the Big Daddy Road Show Comedy and Talk Podcast… *there is none!  (But you can search for us) Let us add – We don’t understand Itunes.  They make it very hard to upload shows – their platform has issues bigtime! (Maybe it’s just with our stupid show…lol)

Good news..   See “Stitcher link below”  #Boom.

Stitcher Link (Stitcher Home Page our Podcast)  *Again, be sure to pump the shows over from your cell phones via bluetooth. to your cars stereo.. (or MP3 bluetooth technology device)

license plate graphic

Omie rocked this one! Time to get this SHOW on the ROAD America!  Talk to Big Daddy!  Call 570-861-5116