Hugs and High Fives All!  Big Daddy Here:

Hi there! I’m a retired pro photographer of 27 years, part time rock star by day, aspiring actor/comedian and poker pro by night, and hey!!! this is my #podcasts..websites.  “Poker Page!”

If I talk poker on this PODCAST – YOU WILL find that shit HERE!

I live in the beautiful Pocono Mtns of Pennsyltucky, have a few great dogs named Bella, Jazzy and Buddy, (Dogs are Royalty in our home) A beautiful wife and child..   I like piña coladas. (And gettin’ caught in the rain.)  *Aint that some whacky shit!
Under this page category – (Personal Poker Stories) I’ll post cool talks (podcasts) on Poker – Some interesting stories!  Poker Links, articles Poker Pros – etc.

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