What is the Big Daddy Road Show Adult Talk and Comedy Podcast Show

Top Adult Comedy and Talk Podcast in the Works here Folks!

First off, it’s a show!  Get it, got it?  Good!  (Who knows what may come!)

The Big Daddy Road Show Podcast is a Comedy and Talk Podcast covering any and all topics.  This podcast runs once every two weeks at minimum.  Once a week if the guest list allows.

The over all goal is great “talk,” sharing of ideas and LOVING AMERICA baby!! (Loving your neighbors too – We are all human beings – Lets try and act smart, make great choices.. be nice)

Thoughts/Shows on everything from alien life, to erm.. (Oy – Blowjobs)  to secret government agendas. FUN STUFF, serious shit,and Cannabis..

Old School sayings tend to pop in from time to time – and yes, BD can preach!  Oh yeah!  He can talk this one.  (BD is old school and new school)

Expect anything – topics on entertainment, comedy, sitcoms and Netflix Series, the Oscars! Sharks! Poker! – THINK – the Trailer Park Boys to the House of Cards to National Geographic!  If it’s happening in this planet – BD will talk about that shit.

Fun and serious sessions can happen on the “same show!”  (Remember – this is a show, we try to keep it entertaining folks) – Helmet and goggles on!  Tonight we ride the roads to anywhere!

license plate graphic

Omie rocked this one! Time to get this SHOW on the ROAD America!

Some of the more fun shows – Timbo!  (Show #3)

Show started just over a year ago… already (as of the writing of this page.)

Like – One of the first big daddy road shows!  (wow!)  We have come a long way.  LOL.

Sadly, some cast members have moved on – or got the boot!  Oh well.. Show business is hard.

Want to be on the Big Daddy Road Show Podcast?

Contact Big Daddy via email with a short bio and “topic suggestions” and lets talk eh?  Kewl – Oh yeah – and share the show.


Here is a link to Iheartradio – Boom!  Turn the bluetooth on and lets rock! (NO KIDS!)  Please.  https://www.iheart.com/show/263-The-Big-Daddy-Road-Show-Ad/