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New Adult Talk Show SexFessions | FaceBookLive Starts November 8th

All-New FaceBook Live, Adult Talk on Sex. SexFessions.

The Days of Testing the new Big Daddy Road Show Live software are over.  November 8, 2017 – it Begins!  Sexfessions!


Sex talk just got wild as one of the shows of the Big Daddy Road Show.  The practice shows are over and it’s time to get the pilot shows a rolling.  Come meet Big Daddy and his lovely new co-host of Sexfessions “Tara!”

Tara will git ya!  She’s Awesome!  She can really help keep the questions and conversations going!  (from a sexy ladies point of view)

Sex Sells and Sex Stories do too!

Join in the sex talk shows chat OR come live with big daddy and tell your crazy fun or scary sex stories.

Sexual Confessions shouldn’t only be shared with your priests and pastors – Hook us up!

Here is the link to the page where the show will air – Wednesday, November 8th 10PM. est. (New York Time) Like and follow and Share the link!

It’s fun to follow along with the shows chat or jump on, and actually be live with Big Daddy!

A Cornucopia of Adult Talk | Is What the Big Daddy Road Show(s)Are About.

Serious to silly, Happy to Sad.  These shows go in any and all directions. The show’s topics, switch often and then back again.  Even BD doesn’t know what’s coming next.

Watch as things unfold, and have your chat added to the LIVE show even… (if it’s awesome) or funny, etc, or.. just lay back and enjoy the entertainment unfold before your eyes.

Yes!  BD reads the Chat on the SHOW!  Many guests/fans of the show who are commenting in the chat are actually part of the conversations! (Kinda on the show!) Wait till you see the graphics as your selected chat gets chosen to be posted on Big Daddy’s #FaceBookLive BeliveTV, software.

In a nutshell – the Shows of the Big Daddy Road Show are crazy fun!  Entertainment!  (A show!) Meant for FUN and conversation.  No nudity and please no super horrible comments in chat – Thanks!  See you on the 8th!

Please share the show!


Here is the link to the main Facebook Fan Group Page (Over 12K members!) Whew! – *Note – Sexfessions will be live on the LINK posted above.  Thanks!

Here are just a few of  Big Daddy’s Beautiful Ladies on the fan group page!!

The Georgia Peaches!

Awesome Fans of the BDRS!

Naughty or Nice!  Come tell us your freaky Deeky Sexcapades People!  On SexFessions!

Sexfessions FaceBook Page

Thanks to our many serious mega rock star fans for Keeping our shows going!

DONATE HERE – Support the Big Daddy Road Show! Thank You!

Contact Big Daddy or his crew at with donations over $75.00 after donation clears,  All Donations over $75 – receive a free BDRS custom “Omar Valdes Artwork Coffee Mug OR T-shirt.” Prayers for Omie! 

Donations from $5 on up ROCK TOO! and help pay the costs of the show!


P.S. Bruno! Carol and Marina and Wayne and Bob! YOU ROCK!


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