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#BDRS (Big Daddy Road Show) Changes

It’s hard to keep up isn’t it rockers! It’s hard to keep pace.  Changes happening, new rules and the future of the Big Daddy Road Show. First the old news.  The Facebook Pages.

The Fan Group Page on Facebook.

Other than this website, the fan page on Facebook is the hub of our show.

Sexfessions #Sexfessions

On November 8th, 2017 our all-new show called “Sexfessions,” happened on the all-new Facebook “page.”  Sexfessions is exactly what it sounds like – It’s all ADULT TALK, that totally gets crazy at times.

Big Daddy and Tara take on the world of S E X.

Come give a listen as guests from all over the USA and Canada share their craziest sex acts LIVE.  Note, this show is not for the weak, it pounds hard and goes deep often.  Get it?  Good.  Listeners BEWARE!  This shows not foolin.

Our Shows Hashtags – Please Use Them Whenever Possible

#BDRS (Big Daddy Road Show) and #SexFessions (Sex Confessions show and page)

Fans wanted set times and schedules by Thanksgiving Weekend – so Here you rockers go!

Big Daddy Road Show Schedule

As of 11/26/2017 the schedule of the show will be as follows. (Subject to change after two months or so of testing) Stay tuned to the group fan page on Facebook for any changes.

Mondays and TuesdaysOFF No-Shows – These are the worst two days for audience participation anyways – Slackers! Big Daddy Gets a BREAK from the insanity.

Wednesday Nights (Non-Sexfessions Nights) –  Show Starts @9:30 pm. (New York Time) See Title or Group Fan Page on Facebook for show details, topic etc.

Every Other Week – Wednesday Nights – #Sexfessions  Join Big Daddy and Tara – Don’t be late!  Note – Sexfessons show is NOT aired on the regular BDRS group page.

Thursday NightsOFF with an occasional “special, as needed facebooklive” – for specific special topics.

Friday Nights – Show Starts @9:30 pm. (New York Time) See Title or Group Fan Page on Facebook for show details, topic etc.  Open Mic, Friday Night Hot Topics Grab Bag with Special Guests and fans joining in as well.

Saturday Night – OFF (Unless something SPECIAL pops up) and DONATIONS ROLL IN on Paypal.

Sunday Nights – Show Starts at 9:30 pm. (New York Time) See Title or Group Fan Page on Facebook for show details, topic etc.  Week in Review, Hot Topics

There will be scheduled nights off, every few weeks.

*These shows are mainly funded by fans of the BDRS, if you’d like to make a donation to the show – Please Click this Link and dig deep!  Anything from $5 on up helps. In the future, if we do not secure sponsors – we might consider doing these shows on a subscription type basis.  $1 or $2, $3 a show – depending on topics and guests.


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