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How to watch the Big Daddy Road Show Live Feeds

The Big Daddy Road Show Live Feeds on Facebook

The live feeds of the BDRS podcasts are growing fast, especially now that we are having more and more people come on the

big daddy and max Dolcelli podcasts

Comedian great Max Dolcelli talks with Big Daddy, the real history of comedy in America

live shows to rap with Big Daddy on any and all subjects.

Tonight – 10/07/2017 – we have locals coming on, and also people from all around the United States.  Talking Gun Control and who knows what else.  This shows like a circus!  Big Daddy’s a lil like P.T. Barnum.  (HE tries to go with the flow) Let’s face it – Life is messy at times.  But let us ALSO REMEMBER – Life is equally as awesome too.

Smile more – talk it out and LOVE baby!

Take it all in!  Be cool – if possible.

Tonight’s Live Feed! Be signed up on the Fan Group Page on Facebook.

Boston John, Omie! and Big Daddy’s local stand up comedian friend Sabbo.. to name just a few.  These live feeds will cover any subjects and many times go off on funny and serious – directions.

These live feeds will cover any and all subjects and many times go off on funny and serious – directions.

Tonight’s show will start about 11pm EST.  (New York Time)

BE signed up on the GROUP FAN PAGE – and if you want to go live with big daddy – If time permits – be dure to have a quiet spot, great lighting and a really good connection to the internet.

Sign up NOW!  and Tell some Friends too! Share this link.

Here is the link to the group page on Facebook where the live feeds happen!  Sign up and we will see you there!   11pm! 

We are only beginning to really get into a TALK SHOW type set up – Here are BDRS Videos from the last year – Moving forward.  Hopefully,  things will get a lot more polished.  – We are currently – looking into software to do just that.

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