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WAR | It’s not a Game America

War in America | Possible?

War – Lets cool our Jets America!  Shall we?

This show was produced and posted hours before the Las Vegas Massacre.  Crazy.  Sad. Depressing.  I asked in this show – if war was coming?  Now I have to ask – is war here?

War – Let’s not and say we did huh guys?

Again – all this from here on out in this post was written just a few hours before the shootings in Las Vegas.  6 or so hours to be exact.  Scary.  (A huge bummer) Prayers to everyone in Vegas.

Is America at War in 2017?  Debating Wars Possibility in the USA

Did a war break out in America?  Why all the pissed off humans?

Yuk! Politics! Yuck!

Hate in America! Antifa.

Where did all the mega hate come from?  Anti-fa, I’ll admit – I know nothing about other than they look super pissed off.  So what’s the deal.. Hit BD up in the comments! What’s with all the riots?  What is with Antifa wanting to take Trump out of office come November?  How would that – how could that happen?

I don’t see things going well for these hate filled protests. I could be wrong.

Big Daddy suggests we all Cool our jets people! Chill!

A quick 15 min podcast with Big Daddy talking about the depressing threads he’s having to read on his Facebook on October 1, 2017.




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