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Las Vegas Massacre Podcast | Let the Million Questions Begin

The Las Vegas Shootings | So Sad

First off, heartfelt prayers to the family and friends of those lost.  Prayers also to the heroes, regular people and first responders who helped the best they could given the situation.

Most Americans are crying for the senseless acts carried out on the Las Vegas Strip, on October 1, 2017, at the Mandalay Bay Resort during a country music festival. In this podcast, Big Daddy offers prayers to all and asks some questions about how average pe

In this podcast, Big Daddy offers prayers to all and asks some questions about people of the city posting tweets and Facebook posts during the event.  How trustworthy were their accounts of the situation as they unfolded?


If you would like to DONATE to the Las Vegas Shooter Victims Fund on Go Fund me  Click Here


In this podcast, Big Daddy offers prayers to all involved and asks some questions about how much we can trust average people’s social media threads as events unfold.

How People React to Tragedy | Posting on Social Media.

Many friends of Big Daddy’s (Poker Player Pals) were posting conflicting reports as to what was happening in Las Vegas – One guy, a new Facebook friend. was on Facebook live just after the shootings talking about how it was the beginning of WW3.  WTF?

Facebook and Las Vegas were Chaos On the early morning hours of October 2, 2017.

Some of my pals think other acts of terror were happening at other casino properties such as the Paris Hotel, the Mirage, and The Bellagio.

Who Knows the truth?  Is the truth possible after such an insane night in such a  huge city such as Las Vegas?  BD has questions and thoughts… and opinions.

Plus, Big Daddy offers up some rants on politicians using the tragedy to push agendas while information is still being gathered.

Opinions On Major News Coverage. (Las Vegas Shootings) 

The events on October 1, 2017, will lead to a million questions – let’s all try to get the facts and get the story right.  They take actions to make events such as these STOP.

Prayers to all victims, and the heroes, for Las Vegas and for Tom Petty too.

What a sad, sad day for America.

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