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Podcast #109 Part One | Two Stories Victims of Child Abuse Breaking the Silence on a Podcast

Coping with and Finding Help for Child Abuse Victims

Need help or Information on Child Abuse, for Victims? For Family?


Report Child Abuse – and find professionals to talk to immediately is Big Daddy’s advice.  It’s not going to make the pain go away and there will be huge issues to deal with – some will be really hard.  Hopefully, you will have a support group and great family and friends.

Hopefully, you will have a support group and great family and friends.

A super heavy subject on this podcast.  (No Children Please)

In the two stories on this podcast – one victim had great help with family and friends – the other – not so much.  Hopefully – this podcast will help at least one victim find peace and better mental health faster than Big Daddy and Crystal Ann.

How to find help for victims of child abuse/molestation. (Please Return for links that will be added by 9/29/2018)


Helping Victims and Families cope by listening?  A new Website Crystal Ann is working on might just help.  BD prays it does.

Two Child Abuse Stories

Note – This is a 2 part podcast (This is podcast 1 of 2) Podcast #109

This is an adult conversation on the Big Daddy Road Show Podcast between a friend Crystal Ann and Big Daddy.  Both are Breaking the Silence of their child abuse story for the first time together on a podcast.

Crystal Ann – Kudos to you and huge BD hugs for trying to help victims of child abuse!


Need Someone to Talk With?  Breaking the Silence Web Site Link

Reach out to Crystal if you need someone to talk too.  CLICK HERE.  <— Breaking the Silence Website.


Kids should not live in fear!  Ever.

To hell with the monsters out there that abuse a child!

Big Daddy

P.S. Neither of us is a professional – seek professional help. But if you need someone to talk to – Visit Crystals new web site – contact BD for information.

Visit us on the BDRS fan page on Facebook


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