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2017 Major League Baseball Playoffs Podcast #111 | Making the Playoffs Sports Talk with Max Jamelli and BD

Picks for Major League Baseball Teams Making the 2017 Playoffs

Is your team in the Hunt?  Big Daddy’s is NOT!  Max, his Yankees have a shot! (But it’s a long shot, let’s face it, Max!)

Talking American League and National League Playoffs 2017

It’s pretty much all Major League Baseball talk on this Road Show SPECIAL, on our 2017 MLB Playoffs Podcast!  (One week or so before Playoffs)

Who makes the 2017 MLB playoffs?

Talking Sports with Max Jamelli in Podcast #111 –  So let us hear your predictions in the comments, then you can listen to ours! (A Podcast about 50 min long) Stuffed with great baseball talk (Because Max always does the heavy lifting and sports homework) – Stats, Info on all your favorite major league Baseball stars!

Who’s hot – who’s not. Etc.

This is a first of a series for covering the 2017 Major League Baseball playoffs!

Who makes the 2017 World Series?

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NOTE – Our shows cover ALL topics LIFE.  (Not just sports!)  Comedy, Talk, Serious, super silly… It’s a circus or carnival atmosphere most days – mostly upbeat, and friendy with adult talk without getting too crazy.  No nudity – or super heavy bully talk allowed.   Come give us a look!


Big Daddy and Max talk all that and touch on others sports talk too on this episode.

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