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Light Rock Podcast #112 | Easy Going Rock n Roll Mostly from the 70’s and 80’s

Rock and Talk Podcast #112  | The Big Daddy Road Show Podcast

Softer Rock and Roll Music from the Seventies and Eighties mostly in this rock and talk podcast.

Van Morrison


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Easy going older rock n roll music, mostly from the 70’s and 80’s.

Van Morrison – Stevie Nicks, Yes, Boston, 38 Special, Billy Joel, Bad Company and more!

It’s a typical rock and talk podcast with Big D. He talks about everything and anything and even rants on some items like “some younger kids,” the NFL, and how we should love our flag and Veterans and active service people!


God Bless the USA and our Troops Always!

Stevie Nicks Rocks! 

A Big Daddy Fave!

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