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Big Daddy’s Rant US Flag, Veterans Vs. NFL Protesters | Back off the Veterans and Flag Please

Thursday Night Football Rant US Flag and Protests

This Podcast is 19 min long.

Are you For or Against NFL Footballs Way of Dealing with Protests?

Big Daddy wants peace for all – and suggests more respect for that flag and our service men and women. Of course – we can all agree to disagree too.  It’s America. and America is messy at times.  Let Freedoms ring bitches!

We all get our say – this is a 20 min podcast or so, on Big Daddy’s feelings on the matter of the NFL kneeling protests.


Football is just a Game.. folks.  Respect the Flag.  Foul on the play!

Big Daddy rants NFL football, the Flag and touches a lil bit on  History of USA.

This is a 20 min Podcast of opinions on the NFL protests, (Any protests really) and the US flag. It’s a podcast showing love for US Veterans too –

God Bless out Troops Always! God Bless our flag.

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