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Podcast #93 | Talking NFL Pre Season Football 2017 with Max Jamelli

Max is Talking Pre Season Football with Big Daddy!

Cousin Max joins the podcast for the first time – NO WORRIES!  He has show biz and football experience!

2017 NFL Preseason Predictions Podcast

Big Daddy sits down with his cousin Max Jamelli and talks NFL football (Preseason) and some of the outlooks on the 2017 NFL season.

A Big Daddy Road Show SPECIAL football Podcast , Please share the show!


NFL Podcast Talks 2017

This Big Daddy Road Show is all NFL preseason football talk with Big Daddy and cousin Max!

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Want to continue the preseason football NFL talk conversation? – come talk to Max or Big Daddy on the Fan Group Page on Facebook!  (Over 10,000 followers) *Note – the BDRS is a podcast show that covers many subjects.  (the show is for adults but not too trashy)  We got rules!  😉

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This is a SPECIAL NFL podcast.  (covering Preseason NFL football in 2017)  Please comment below!  (we read them all ) and Also – share using the social media buttons shown!  YOU ROCK!

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