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Podcast #91 | Dealing with Anxiety and Depression, HOW?

podcast on anxiety and depression

A Podcast on Dealing with Anxiety and Depression

How do you deal with Depression? How do you Deal with Anxiety?  Or Both?  This is a podcast on depression and anxiety with none other than Big Daddy circling the drain.  Followers of the show know of his recent bad run of life events – wife, health, and when helping others hurt him.  This is a first of many podcasts to bring awareness to the subject.  Please comment below if you have any thoughts or if you just want to now you are not alone.

You are NOT alone!  Beating Depression and Anxiety Together

Big Daddy Hugs!  This Depression shits REAL!  (And Big Daddy wants OUT!)  I’d imagine if you are reading this post you are too! Lets get a handle on all we can together!  This post is no joke to Big Daddy.  Depression and anxiety is totally new ground to BD and well.. I’m one for handling things full on to the best of my ability.  (Which is not all the good these last few weeks)

We will talk about my journey with Dr’s and prescriptions and and life.  People in life that get it, people in life that can’t or don’t want to handle the truth of anxiety or depression and hopefully – together we can beat this nasty drain of energy and get back with the living!

Positive Advice on Dealing with Depression and Anxiety wanted!

Any positive advice on how to handle d
depression and anxiety is welcome in the comments below.

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