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Latest Talk and Rock Podcast is Uploaded! Podcast Number 80

A Rock and Talk Podcast and More!

Welcome to the all New!  Big Daddy Road Show Podcast!

Hey!  It’s Big Daddy! (Just gonna be honest!)

We are way Behind Posting the different rock and talk podcasts/links.  But hey!! Check this out!!!!

NEW RECORD NUMBER OF DOWNLOADS for our latest Talk and Rock Podcast!  

Thanks for SHARING this PAGE!  It’s WORKING!

New download records are being set and get this!!!… the Fan Page on Facebook is approaching 10K in members!

Fan Page is Getting up to 300 new members a day!  Some days!

Hopefully this post will help connecting new people to the show – until we can catch up around here with all the office work! (Grrrrr – Office work!)

For the quickest way to new podcasts – it’s best to join the fan page link above! It’s free!  The fan page is ADULT but not too trashy and WE ALLOW NO NUDITY and ban trolls immediately!  (It’s like family over there!)

And get a load of this – Big Daddy does a good few #BigDaddyRoadShowliveFeedsonFacebook  that you wouldn’t want to miss.. Silly , serious, provocative, you name it!  (And ask about the Sunday Chill Live feed too!) Every Sunday on the Big Daddy Road Show Fan Group Page!



Below is Podcast Number #80 of the Big Daddy Road Show (The Weekend Rock and Talk Podcast with Big Daddy) *Note – this ones filled with rock that is a little harder.  Not too bad – Not Thrash Metal – but heavier!


Our podcasts are not all music – some are just talk (some serious subjects), some pop rock music, and some – comedy! <– Click for more samples – We will eventually get a blog post up for each episode!

Just can not keep up – Shows take a good while to produce and between health and drama – yeah..

Thanks for patience!

BD hugs!

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  1. Cassie Singh says:

    Been a member for a while, will be a BDRS fan till death!!!! Its getting greater and greater with time. I can’t imagine my life without this show!!!!

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