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Hump Day Dance Music Podcast #88 with Big Daddy

Podcast #88 of the Big Daddy Road show!

Another Wednesday!  Another shot of energy from Big Daddy!  You can make it!  The Weekend is nearly here rockers!

The Hump Day Music Podcast!

This show, the Hump Day Music Podcast runs most Wednesdays! It is sure to get your energy up!

If you enjoy upbeat talk and music to keep you moving through your work week!  – please share it with friends!

The Rock and Talk Podcast on Weekends – The Hump Day Podcast on Wednesdays!

Join the Fan Page with the near 10K others (rockers all!) and make some song requests!  Talk to Big Daddy!

The Big Daddy Road Show is adult – without being too trashy.  No nudity – just lots of nice people who dig adult silly humor and some intelligent talk thrown in too!

Rock and Talk Podcast on Weekends!  Hump Day Music and Dance – Wednesdays!

Hope to hear from you soon with some song requests!  Shout outs if requested!  (oh and let us know where you’re from yeah?)



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