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First 20 Years Briggs Farm Blues Festival | Podcast #82

The First 20 Years at Briggs Farm Blues Blues Festival W/Jim Christman.

Ever wonder what it was like during the first few years at the Briggs Farm Blues Festival?  We did too! So we sat down with the Bluesfest’s long time master of ceremonies (who is sadly”set to retire” from the long time running gig after this year)

Jim Christman – 20 Year MC at Briggs Farm Blues Festivals Retires in 2017

Rock Star MC and fellow blues lover Jimmy Christman Joins us on the Big Daddy Road Show!  (Thanks Jimmy!)

Jimmy Christman | Offers Up Great Stories of the many Blues Artists He’s Come Across Over the Years!

Here! On this Special Podcast on Briggs Farm 2017!

Lots to learn from this “blues & music and talk packed podcast” on the first 20 years of BriggsFarm Blues Music!20 years of Briggs Blues Music Festival20

Jimmy does one heck of a job taking people on a story laced journey from day one until now.  (2017)  From Awards the Briggs family has won recently and a whole lot more…


His talk includes the very humble first 3 to five years where Briggs, almost.. didn’t make it!   What???

the first 20 years Briggs Farm Blues Festival No kidding.. things almost went BUSTO! – Listen to the podcast!  Jimmy not only has some super behind the scenes stories and history from Briggsfarm Blues Fest, but he also shares tales of some legendary old blues artists  that passed on through too!

Jimmy ran a Blues Pub in Hazleton Pa, called the Roads End where he hosted many acts who were on their way to the BIG SHOWS!  (you know – LIKE Briggs!) He shares so much, including his love of being the shows MC for the first 20 years!

Thanks for listening and SHARE the SHOW with all your blues music loving friends!

BD hugs!

P.S. See you at Briggs Farm!

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