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Big Daddy Road Show Podcasts 83 to 87

Big Daddy Road Show Podcasts 83 to 87

Keeping up with the Big Daddy Road Show Podcast?

Neither are we! (Son of ahhhh)

We are way behind posting these shows!


Podcasting Rock and Dance and Talk

Here are the Podcasts of the Big Daddy Road Show up to date; the ones we have finished!

Some are are all Talk – Some are Music!  Some are ROCK N ROLL some are “dance top 100!”

Hump Day Music and Talk Podcast #83 Big Daddy Road Show (Dance)



A Softer Rock and Talk Podcast #84 of the Big Daddy Road Show (Softer Rock)


Podcast #85 American Politics Summer 2017 | Where is America Headed in 5 or 10 Years? (Big Daddy Rants)

Big Daddy curses in this podcast – NOT FOR CHILDREN!  (Explicit) OK.. ok.  kewl!


Hump Day Dance Music With the Big Daddy Road Show Podcast #86  (Dance Music)


Podcast #87 | the Rock and Talk Weekend Big Daddy Road Show (Rock n Roll Music over the years)

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2 Responses

  1. Cassie Singh says:

    Forget binge-watching – it’s all about binge-listening these days, and this page right here is your podcasting feast… Top of the line entertainment… The Filet Mignon of Podcasts… You will regretfully starve if you don’t choose to eat it all up as soon as possible and and often as you can… Podcasts Don’t get any better than this people I can promise you that…

  2. says:

    Aweeee thanks Cassie! You rock!

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