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Big Daddy’s Thursday Thoughts Podcast | The Big Daddy Road Show

A New Weekly Addition to the Big Daddy Road Show Podcast

Thursday Thoughts Podcast with Big Daddy! – Got any thoughts? We’d Love to hear em!  Call in and leave a message on the Skypeline!  A short message!  Will do!  Collect your thoughts and Let it rip!

Thursday Thoughts Podcast!

Just say – Hey!  Big Daddy!  Here’s my Thursday Thought.. and run with it!  1 – 3 minutes!  Go for it!  Call Wednesdays and Thursdays!

(570) 861-5116

Thursday Thoughts Podcast #89  (TRIAL SHOW – We will see if it gets any traction)  Please – Let us know!

Fans of the Big Daddy Road Show call in and leave a message with their random thoughts.  It’s like a cleansing of the mind for the weekend to follow!  Call in on Wednesdays and Thursdays and leave a message!

(570) 861-5116   <—- The Big Daddy Road Show Skype Line!

If the message is entertaining – or thought provoking – or funny..  it makes the show!  Big Daddy will add thoughts where ummm – it seems fitting.  or funny  – or..  sad – Well you know Big Daddy!


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