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Podcast #71 | An Adult Comedy Podcast on St. Patricks Day!

This St Paddy’s Day Podcast is for ADULTS! (You’ve been warned!) 

Bless us ALL!

OH!  One thing!  This was the FIRST EVER podcast to reach over 1000 downloads and it reached this BDRS pod-casting milestone in under 4 days!  (Over the 2017 St Paddy’s Day Holiday) THANKS TO ALL WHO SHARED THIS PODCAST ON ST PADDYS DAY!  YOU GUYS ROCK!

Big Daddy and Edog get to drinking green beer and talking with the fans on the Facebook live feed, talking St Patrick on a podcast. (ike only they cay talk) It covers a lot, with a few takes between the podcasts recording left in, where you can hear BD and Dog talk about, and also to the fans – while the recordings going on at times.

Big Daddys St Paddys Day Podcast Special 2017

Record A Fun Adult Podcast on St Patrick Day While Drinking Green Beer They Said | What Could go Wrong? They Said.

A super Silly adult talk with a St Paddy’s Day flare – Silly Irish Jokes, Edogs fave Irish song (Hint – its not Irish)  Ahh – Big Daddy’s coping with stage fright .. Irish songs and…  and loads more!

A lot more!  Please Share.

Try to keep up! (as BD and Edog talk to people on the Live FEED while recording the podcast) Have a green beer with us and enjoy!


If ya like – Join us on the fan group page – it’s free and we give away prizes often.

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classic big daddy rod show podcast Omar Valdez art

the original baby! Omar Art for the big daddy road show podcast – already a classic!


THANKS TO ARTIST!  OMAR VALDEZ for all you do for the SHOW!  XOXO – Prayers for Omie!

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