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Podcast #70 | Snowmageddon, the Blizzard 2017 | the Blizzard they called Stella

Snow Storm Stella 2017 Kicked Our Ass!  BD Thought It was Much to Do About Nothing!

#Blizzard2017 #StellaBizzard2017

It’s over! Folks! THE STORM OF THE CENTURY, STELLA?  This adult silly comedy podcast will make sure of that – If ya like it – please like and share and make a comment down below! YES!  We know it’s stupid!  We planned it that way!

Who knew a mid March snowstorm would pack such a punch on the east coast… Not Big Daddy!  Edog – Well.. He called it days before the beast of a storm crushed the east coast of the US!

Snowmageddon Winter Snowstorm Blizzard 2017 podcast

The Nor’easter talked about in this “Snowmageddon Winter Snowstorm Blizzard podcast” from March 14, 2017 is set to shut down travel and businesses all over the east coast of the US.  The World as Big Daddy and his followers is kaput!

Edog and Big Daddy talk trash on this storm and literally make up stories, perhaps just their way of coping with this deep inches packed snow storm of the year!!?

This is an adult talk podcast on snow, the Blizzard of 2017, Stella the Blizzard, and people acting crazy about a lil snow, milk shortages n stuff – and hopefully – Life after the blizzard!

The Blizzard we called Stella!


Be safe out there people!  We will survive Snomageddon 2017 if we just stick together!

Stay warm and dry – Hugs!


BD and Edog.




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