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Podcast #65 Pre Oscars Party Podcast

The 89th Oscars!  (Note – this was one of our worst ideas for a PODCAST)  lol

From Edogs pre podcast, real life panic attack heart pain (it really happened) plus his refusal to go to the emergency room per BD’s countless requests.

Then (and BD has no idea why) Edogs,  “thinking he’s Jesus” and then finally onto Oscars talk on Mel Gibson, Denzel Washington, and Meryl Streep! (And more)

the 89th Academy Awards Podcasts Live!

Edog and Big Daddy Talk the OSCARS 2017  nominees on this podcast. This is a podcast before the epic LIVE Big Daddy Road Show Oscars Podcast this Sunday night!

Also, midway into the podcast – BD gives audience a new guest primer – on long time friend from across the pond – Chris Naish. Chris currently resides on a platform rig (electric Power) on the North Sea.  (a Friend and future podcaster) and guest – Look out for him in near future podcasts!

Finally – Edog and BD go live on Facebook during the second half of this podcasts recording, talking 2017 Oscar picks with big daddy road show podcast  fans LIVE.

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