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Podcast #64 X-Rated Valentines Day Special E-dogs Outta Control As Usual

Big Daddy Road Show Podcast #64 Raunchy Hating on Valentines Day Special Podcast

An X-Rated (not for kids) podcast on.. ahhh,  “Why I hate Valentines Day Podcast with Edog.” Edogs talking shit about the most LOVED and HATED holiday. Valentines Day!

Big Daddy Road Shows Podcast #64

Hate Valentines Day? Appears you’re not alone guys and gals!  (Edogs got a story for ya!)  Big Daddy just ahh.. can’t control this kid.

Join us on our silly shows first annual hating on Valentines Day Podcast Special!  (It’s FOR ADULTS ONLY)  X-rated talk on Valentines day.  A comedy.

What’s on the Podcast?

Big Daddy and E-dog take on phone messages submitted by guests of the Big Daddy Road Show Podcast! Edog talks about the quickest dirty date ever! (Fans are from Facebook group – see link below) They roast the fans from the fans page a lil too!  (Fun ADULT talk on VD)  lol

We did this raunchy podcast just to add a lil more love and FUNNY adult talk on the manufactured holiday called Valentines Day!

Lets LOVE 365 days a year people!  Love is FREE!  (that sounds dirty we know)  Now – run off and listen!  Enjoy!  SHARE IT!  COMMENT on it!  LIKE THAT SHIT PEOPLE!

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Here is the #podcast – If ya dig it.. like adult humor – (Many shows are NOT DIRTY – FYI)

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