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Big Daddy Road Show Fan Page FREE contest Give-A-Ways! | March Giveaway Contest

Big Daddy’s Losing it!  (Cash!!!) and More!

11 Free PRIZES will be pulled in the MARCH ADD MEMBERS contest!

It’s Give-A-Way Contest Time on the Big Daddy Road Show!

So ,here’s the the deal – The STUPID #Podcast is doing better than ever!  (Remember folks!  It’s just an ADULT COMEDY and TALK – SHOW)

***If you are reading this TODAY!  04/02/2017 – *Its 2:36pm as I type this.. (You got under 3 hours to make this HAPPEN!!!!)  Each referral you make on THE LINK (Fan page) below – YOU MAKE, gains you a ticket in TONIGHTS!!!  PRIZE DRUM!!!!

The #Podcasts Growing People!

Downloads in 13 countries!  BABY!

London Loves us.. Canada too! America, well.. Americans are lazy .. We all know this.. They got some catching up to do.. that, and they are all f’ed up in the head with that TRUMP guy!

WTF! Why? Why does LONDON listen to our stupid fn show!  (Someone in London get back to BD)

Ummm – Weedasaurus is ATTACKING London Again!

The Shows So DUMB!  It’s Awesome!  Right?

The Big Daddy Road Show is a Talk Radio sorta Comedy and Talk Podcast and well.. (time to slap our own backs) its getting insane ahhh – downloads n Facebook Live Feed activity n shits ahhh, like we said.  C R A Z Y!

MARCH CONTEST coming to an end!

Add Members Prize Contest ends in under 13 hours!

Go to this site – Join up!  *FREE – Add like minded nut bags who love adult #humor and #comedy n Shits and ahhh – Boom!  EVERYONES HAPPIER! Yir in the Prize Drum if ya use the ADD MEMBERS feature on the Facebook Group Fan page!!!!  *Be sure they are all into stupid adult humor though…. oK?  OK!  Kewl! Mostly!  Just have FUN!


CONTESTS and LIVEFEEDS HAPPEN HERE! SIGN UP! ITS FREE <– Join up, add members – and watch out for BDRS live feeds umm – here!  (Did we mention it gets dumb at times?  I think we did – yes)  Breathe Deep n Often!  This show can and will go down almost ANY ROAD!

Free Contest Money up For Grabs | Ends Soon!


CONTEST is OVER In under ahhh – 24 hours!  But YOU Might still have time!

Play our stupid podcasts on your home stereo, yir phone, or in your car!

Have a cool car or home stereo?? – With BlueTooth n Shits?

Some Shows are EVEN serious Adult Talks!  EXAMPLE!  Sure!  CLICK HERE!  <– BD interviews Ohio State Professor on topic of Truth in Media and Fact Checking Politicians!  Shows CRAZY!  GOOD!

We are on IheartRadio – Listen on your way to or from work!  Remember!  The Shows Stupid Adult Fun!  (and a show!)  K?  Some shows are X-rated – Watch out for the umm title n shits..   Its a #GoodTime –

bdrs logo promo

It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane!
Hey! It’s Big Daddy n Edog!

Hey!  Run off and hit the link above!  Get in the contests BD runs!  *its ahh – FREE! and WE give LOCALS (Our hometown is a character on the show) free stuff too – *local businesses donated ahh shits!

Go!  Lose your PRIDE!  Have some STUID adult fun on the FAN PAGE!  People there are AWESOME!  (No NUDITY!) Ya hear!

Oh!  And it’s Steve French Jr’s Birthday Today!


Wish that cool cat a Happy Birthday TODAY!  On the Fan Page!

If you join up! and add some pals!  (Be sure they love STUPID comedy and ADULT talk K)  Good Luck in the Contest!  Hoodies, Cash, t’s , mugs and more!

Contest ends 3am est.  April 1.  Get on it Bitches!




Artist Omar Valdes

Meet our Shows Rocking Professional (retired) Artist! Omar Valdes

All the artwork for this silly podcast is done to perfecton by our man Omie!  Vote for Omie!  Pray for Omie! Omie is loved by all!  Thanks so much for all the fun work you constantly donate to the show!  (What a maga fan you are!)  F Cancer!  You got this buddy!  XOXOX  BD hugs

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