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Podcast #62 Comedy in America | the Real Comedy History Session one with Max Dolcelli

Ever hear of a comedian name Rube Dickerson Folks?

You should have.. but no worries, BD did not know about good ol Rube either.. Read on young skywalkers!  Big Daddy and long time road comic and friend, Max Dolcelli are about to take you on a “comedic trip of time travel” in this, our first chat podcast covering the “real history of American Comedy,” going back to as far back as 1928. (Mae West)

Max tells us he can take us further back in future shows – (and you can believe that).. for sure… but hell.. we only had about an hour to talk on the night we finally got to doing this, our first podcast together – on real American Comedy history.

In this show – Max laments on many great comics; some, that nobody’s really heard of – “until now… thanks be to Gaahd..” after – listening and or being on this show!  ???  What???

How about Uncle Dirty?  Ring a bell?  Max will tell you all about it..

Rube Dickerson, did ya google that name yet?  It’s a crazy story – and you’re going to hear Max tell it with some grim laughs.. but hey.. (Shit with Rube happened a long ass time ago..)

I wonder if this is where the term “he’s such a Rube?” comes from.. Hey Max?  ???

The list of comic legends mentioned in this soon to be considered awesome series of podcasts talking American Comedy History.. is quite long. Uncle Dirty, to



So come – sit, have a drink.. smoke a spliff perhaps (unless your driving) ..and lets talk about comedy!  Have a pen handy and your youtube account open.. (Unless your driving)..  if you enjoy comedy as mush as Max and BD.

Thanks Max!  Talk again soon!  BD.



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