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Talking Police Work & Gambling Stories| A Look Into One Good Retired Cops Life in 2016

The world Needs Order: So Here’s a Big Thanks to all Good Police In America in 2016.

Respect Police?  Big Daddy Does! (You should too)

This here story is just one great story of many a good guy police story.. BD is certain thousands of other stories are out there, this is just one . -Thank a police officer.  Buy em a cup of coffee and tell em – Big Daddy says Thanks too.

A Police Story: Danny Minor, Just One of the Many Good Guys & Gals in Blue.

In this BDRS podcast – we talk to a local friend and poker player, Danny Minor who is originally from BD’s hometown area – West Hazleton Pa.

Our growing up years –  Danny’s Father Owned a Garage and a few Used Car Lots.  Big Daddy’s Father Was an RN  – Both were into gambling.  The stage is set for some great pod-casting TALK!
Much ground is covered on this Big Daddy Road Show podcast folks, from back room poker games in PA to surviving an active shooter situation to on and on and on and then eventually back to Vegas baby!

The Italian Tank!  Danny Minor: Moving to Las Vegas!

A softball enthusiast, a retired cop and a huge poker lover, plus all around great guy!

If Danny is in it,Folks (Anything btw) –  He’s in IT to WIN!! Period!  So happy he finally made it to the BDRS studios.

Public Speaker and Retired police Chief Danny Minor Playing softball

Hard to find a more competitive yet all around great guy – than Danny here.. Good LUCK in VEGAS!

Just a few of the subjects covered on the podcast – Poker Dreams – Talking WSOP poker, poker goals… Reaching and studying  for a World Series of Poker bracelet!

What else – hmmm. Sick poker stories – poker tips and things to know if you’re new to playing at the Rio during a WSOP..  event. (pack snacks and a sweater bitches!)

Vegas in August!?!  Shoot Big Daddy Why Don’tcha! I’ll pass most years!  I’m out!

Vegas in August!   It sooo HOT!!!  (but it’s a dry heat!) Bitches!

Why is the World Series Of Poker held in August!  Hate it! (Someone get back to Big Daddy on this – PLEASE – I’m serious. It’s Bull shit!) and get this!! – Our shows guest today – is MOVING to VEGAS in August! *LIKE today!   (Ohhh Danny boy!)  Pack lots a shorts buddy!

Danny on bdrs

Danny is Retired, Kinda.

Many great topics covered with this podcast  – I truly enjoyed having this talk with Danny and I hope all you guys dig it!


Good LUCK in Vegas Danny – You will love it – the town.. was made for YOU brother!  And congrats on being engaged!!!

The Apples stay Close to the Trees in Pennsylvania

When Your Fathers Gamble a lot, lol  – Danny and BD had Similar Early Years in North East PA.

Danny and I talked poker and gambling in general in our parents time.  Hometown days of gambling in Pennsylvania (the Pony’s too.. lol) folks..  Our parents were rock star level, savage gamblers from early on – baby!  Hi!  Low!  Yo!

A small sliver of some of Big Daddy’s poker playing days in Vegas during the 90’s, 2000’s came up  – Like; Playing Poker with the Owner of the El Cortez Casino Hotel to  an off the wall SUPER SCARY and “crazy story of one of BDs other poker pals –  a poker dealer at the time – (And also, ironically – a retired cop – a rock star police woman named,  Jerri!)

Jerri’s experience of HOME INTRUSION and being locked in her apartments bathroom WITH NO REAL ESCAPE… by window.. OMG!

the Character and comedian Big Daddy

Tell your friends about this FUNNY podcast ROCK STARS!

These were big-time bad guys and gals.. all drugged up, drunk.. and not playing.. ) “Her apartment was ran sacked… and they eventually found her gun!”  they started SHOOTING!  – I’ll just say this – It was a crazy story and it made the life of my friend, not good for a few months. – She was however – (thank God) BY THE END of the Vegas home intrusion story – OK.

Jerri now lives back in Oklahoma.  (and still visits Vegas I’m sure.)

***Thinking back – maybe I should not have brought this story into this podcast – but Danny is smart – and a trained professional – He’ll be fine.  (Plus!  You need to see HIS pool in VEGAS!!!)

What else?

Robert Turners California Poker rooms came up in this chat too. Poker fans can Listen to Roberts great PODCAST (talking old days poker) with BD over on – (P.S. Robert is no Gangster – He’s a great business man with a long behind the scenes of pokers growth over the years and also a great guy!)

Other Poker Standouts mentioned –  and writers of some fantastic poker tip books, Joe Navarro and Dusty Schmidt..

Getting Serious – too.

Tips for Surviving an Active Shooter Situation

Lastly – Danny gets down the to Business of Helping his fellow citizens with a brief talk on how to protect yourself in an active shooter situation – Folks – this shows not one of the crazy – BDR SHOW – kinda shows.  This ones real life and Big Daddy’s telling ya!  – Listen to this show – and – please – if you dig it – share it with others!

Next shows – Coming soon!  Grower X,  (a show on cannabis in America in 2016) and a rather lol, raunchy adult adult adult – xXx rated show with another friend – (also a gambler – Aj Deritis) talking AC hookers in a Howard Johnson’s motel and more..  Yikes!  (this ones not for the weak!)  and this ones pretty much all adult talk and humor!

Mouse Pad Big Daddy

Hey! Look! Big Daddy of the Big Daddy Road Show is on a frickin Mouse Pad Bitches! WTF (Please share this PODCAST!) Thanks Danny!


Thanks for coming on the Big Daddy Road Show Danny!  Come BACK on again soon!

P.S. We are on Itunes and Stitcher now Folks!  Yay!  Oh!  and YOUTUBE!






Vacation – Sun fun – Vegas Jet!

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