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Savage Female Security Guard Tosses 23 Year Old E-Dog to Curb | Kicked Out of His First Pro Casino Comedy Show

Hard Times For Road Show Regular E-Dog: Kicked to Curb by a Girl.

Our mans been having a bad few weeks! Few weeks back – Edog streaked McDonalds! (Find that PODCAST folks.. he was in the buff!!)

Then he lost his job at OF ALL PLACES, McDonalds!

He takes a new job a few blocks away – at the Burger King! Gets Fired on his day off! WOW! (About a week later)

E-dog on BRDS

E-Dog Loves his Beer! He also Loves Comedy! He made it into the SHOW – for the opener – but got kicked out before the Kevin Downey Jr. Show! BUMMER!

Big Daddy was just trying to cheer the kid up by taking him to casino for a few beers and his first visit to a real (quality comedy Club).. givin his bad luck with unemployment.

Eric had a smile a mile wide when I told him we were going to see a great comedy show!  (And meet them after the show)


A Great Comedian: Kevin Downey Jr. | Eric Was So PUMPED!!!

Minutes before Kevin hit the stage – E-dog had to make a pee pee –  (Did we mention E-dog likes to DRINK lots a beer) So; he jets out to make it happen.. passing the restrooms (in the comedy club, lol) A fateful MISTAKE – turns out.

Going back out into the casino area to go potty turned into a very unfunny situation.  When he crossed paths with the worst security officer EVER!!!

Thinking he’d be back to see Kevin Perform… I thought nothing about it.  About 10 min later – Comedy room staff came “asking me to go talk to security” –  “About my friend..”  Oh shit!

2016 kevin downey jr

Dark Comedy that’s Savage – Big Daddy’s Pick for Best COMEDY 2016 – Kevin Downey Jr. A very funny man. SiiiiipppppP!

I tried my best to persuade staff he was with me – AND WOULD DRINK NO MORE – and.. that the kid is 23.  Being his license on his person.. showed that it was expired in 2013!!! Big Daddy’s MOVES were LIMITED at best!

Oy!  E-dog!  WTF!  Not his night!

Whelp.. BD was taping the audio you’re about to hear – (Savage comedy! btw Kevin was awesome!  E-Dog missed it)  E-dog was forced to sit it out – waiting, in the hotel lobby NOT DRINKING BEER..  until the shows end!

Take deep breaths and enjoy some laughs with this sad but funny story!!

In the end – I said my goodbyes!  (Was planning on going to an after show hang at the Cracker Jack bar) which sits just a few blocks from the casino property.  Not to be!  lol.

Make Lemon Aide Outta Lemons:  E-Dog Laughs it ALL OFF Kinda

Well, Kinda he Does.. Anyways –

eDog was so Pissed at Mohegan Security!! (But he eventually laughed about it… laughed it off like a ROCK STAR, well.. KINDA) –

comedian Kevin Downey Jr

The Comedy of Kevin Downey Jr.

30 min later – BD and E-dog made it home – jumped on the mics and taped a “Podcast!”( THIS PODCAST…)  a podcast about  “E-Dogs Whole Shitty First Ever Experience at Mohegan Sun, NOT seeing  his first PRO comic…”

Crazy thing about the whole experience was this – I had Mr. Downeys permission to tape his act. (For the Big Daddy Road Show) so – eventually – E-dog gets to hear the SHOW HE MISSED!!!

The License expired in 2013 Folks!  That’s FUNNY!


(editors note – it’s almost 3am – will return to edit any mistakes tomorrow)

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