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Notorious J Y M | Drinking Beers and Chit Chatting Mega Cool Stuff with a Savage Beaver Brook Alumni

Welcome Back!: Notorious JYM to the Road Show!

This ROAD SHOW is tits!  Period.  Buckle up and keep yir hands and feet in the vehicle at all times people – this one covers a lot!

Mark it zero Dude the notorious JYM

It’s hard shootin (lol) when you be drinkin beers like a rock star! The Notorious Jym at a local charity trap shoot we’d assume.


Always having fun, when Notorious JYM slams the studio! See his BDRS first ever, video teaser HERE >>> | “commercial on the all new Big Daddy Road Show Youtube Channel and SUBSCRIBE – yo!”



Blowjobs Gone Wrong: Like, as in: As Wrong as a Blow Job Can Go Folks!

A NOT SO “Happy Endings” savage story from JYM’s early years of being a young firemen – Oy!  (Happened many years back)  Nasty nasty story. The poor woman and man in this story, Gahd Bless em!  (And… ummmm yeah.  Well.. then.. lol. listen to the show!)

This show is much more than erm,  “bad horrific, blowjob stories,” sure is kiddies!

Much ground is covered in this already epic podcast.

Notorious Jym bad blowjobs show

He’s a guitarist, wait – no. He’s a Drummer. Wait.. no. He’s Hilarious! Notorious Even!


Thanks for sharing this here page people – JYM, is a BDRS fan favorite guest fir sure.

Here’s just one quote from this here podcast, the fellers funny!

*“It’s a dog eat dog world.. and we are all wearing  milk bone underwear”  *When BD and JYM were wrapping about local politics, sewer and water rates on this podcast.

Harry’s U Pull IT!

A Famous huge (& adult type funny radio commercial running) local auto parts yard, JYM has some cool stories about his .. well. Just listen.. eh?

big daddy road show coffee mugs

look at this pretty mug here Bitches! Girl in this image has a great sense of ADULT humor

Auto Parts JUNK YARD Ghost Hunter Tours with Notorious JYM | Car Crashes, Brain Matter – Blood Splatter spirit hunts – Listen how JYM seeks out the nastiest horrific car wrecks to sit in, while at the “Harry’s U Pull it” parts yard.   OMG!

Do YOU believe in GHOSTS? Listen to the show and see if NOTORIOUS  does..



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  1. Cassie Singh says:

    Notorious JYM is bad ass… Omg… can’t stop listening… can’t stop laughing… Big Daddy podcasts are new life line to straight up, in your face, real shit!!! If you ain’t following the Big Daddy Road Show you definitely ain’t living… follow and like that shit up people… start living now!!!!

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