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NWO Type World Government Agendas talked about on the Big Daddy Road Show Talk Podcast

Lance Romance rocking the mics
Can you handle what Mr. Romance is talking about here? Well can ya? Punks?
New World Order is Not a Good Way of Putting it Says Lance Romance!

Hello! Stand the F Back! This ones a serious  at times podcast, entertaining and enlightening perhaps too!  It’s Complicated, Like American Politics and Business in 2016.  Funny, but maybe NOT!  lol You get to decide that fir yourselves F’ers!

Lance Romance is back on the Big Daddy Road Show Comedy and Talk Podcast folks.. Goggles on!  Tonight we get GOOFY, serious and oh yeah.. funny too.

Big Daddy Naked

Almost naked Big Daddy, Sorry Ladies! E-dogs the only STREAKER on this show!

All sorts of “gets you thinking” ideas, messages, hypothetical’s and super far out “What If’s for America” People!  This Shows Rad!  Hot!

Now, (some serious business) While the thoughts and opinions here on the BDRS, are not totally or necessarily ever those of our own.  Big Daddy wants to hear from all sides of ANY conversation – If you care to jump into the convo.. Please do. Comment Below.  Or I dunno – Use some of those Faceboob, Goofel Plus and whatever other buttons we have on this website and spread the words!

Go tell it on the mountains folks!  Your Truths!

It’s GREAT living in a free country where people from all walks of life and speak their minds!  God surely did bless America!  Yes sir!

Do join up on our “FaceBoob’s Big Daddy Road Show Fan Group page over on FaceBook.”  <<–  You can do so by hitting the link in this here paragraph yo yo’s! It’s easy and just two clicks away!  One to get there – one to JOIN!  ha ha!  (*two clicks away!)  *that’s fn funny right there.

Big Daddy Podcast Image

This Big Daddy Road Show gets a lil outta control some times.. But it’s all about love first and foremost.

Please!  Remember its just a funny lil talk podcast SHOW and who knows.. We might have it ALL “right” – or have it all “wrong” people. OR just parts here and there..  Let’s TALK about it .. eh? Talking is GOOD.  BIG DADDY loves a talkin!

This show is NOT for children.  So get them outta the room – Let them GO PLAY OUTSIDE!  (It’s good for kids to play outside!)

Anyways – Share this if you “like to have deep conversations” with friends.. I guess.  We certainly do love talking funny or deep or both!

Lance Romance hits us hard on this one (Right out of the gate) – right in the o’l kisser with this off the wall (Already Legendary) show on “New World Order type talk..” the World Government Agenda – Broken up into small – hard to swallow – hard to digest little morsels.. Eat em up F’ers!  Then comment!

Peace Teach it image

Lets all think PEACE more huh kids?

He’ll be back again if you share his show.

The World Government Agenda Real or Fake?

Whatcha gonna do?  If the World Government Agenda comes for you bad boys?

Lance Levish Lance Romance

Mans been doing his studies on all this NWO, Government Agenda Stuff a long time ladies!  Ga Head!  Ask him a question below in the comments…

Again!  Note!  This show is LONG, INTENSE and please – get the children to bed before hitting play! Also, get the weak minded outta the room as well… when you listen to this dooozer folks; you’ll totally understand.

Please – again!  If you like the SHOW.. Please share it huh?

High Fives Bitches!  This ones a keeper!


God Bless America!  Pray for peace!  Pray the world just chills!


Hugs – Big Daddy!


P.S. Talk to you neighbors – We are all in this together and United we Stand.. (Indivisible bitches!)  America!  Land of the FREE? We can’t lose if we use common sense…  Keep an open mind and lets leave much room for love.  K? Even if we sadly, “have to fight for IT.”

All we are saying… (to quote John Lennon) “Give PEACE a Chance!”

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