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E-Dog Hits the Big Daddy Road Show with a Hard Streak

They Call Him E-dog or “The Streak!”

The ALL NEW – Big Daddy road show is HERE! (Show 1, season 2) is – Rated XxX… “E dog – in the Studio” rocking his brand of dirty humor,

STREAKING for McDonald’s.. and What he’d do for to a Big Mac Apparently.. Oy!

(He’ll Streak right now…) he says.. And he aint kiddin.

E-dogs first solo Big Daddy Road Show Podcast

They Call him E-Dog! “The Streak of McDonalds!”Dirty Adult Humor with This one F’ers!

This ones a lil dirty folks.. (And we talk all the crazy goings on in the world this summer too)

BD had to have security help keep “E Dogs clothes on…” during one part of the interview… Funny – funny stuff.. (He kept em on for this show thanks to baby Jesus – but next – who knows ladies!)

*Guess it will depends on the number of  FB shares..

E-dog, brings his young (a 22 yr olds) – off the hip comedy… “real life stories” to the show.. Talking… “Streaking.. “…”Animal sex.. ,Police.. ,9 -11, Gold…, Streaking for Charity!, politics and more…”

Yes! This ones a doozer! If you enjoy this sorta stupid Adult talk.. Give us a Share – Please.

If you’re on Facebook – Join us on the Big Daddy Road Show Fan Group Page – Over 1500 members to date! (Thanks fir that people!)

Hugs! Big Daddy

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